Website owners, it's all about conversions. Let's face it, running a website is a job between making certain the site is optimized for search, content creation and on and on some monetary payback should be the goal. Whether you run a blog on a niche topic, a subscription site or you run an eCommerce site selling custom products the goal is conversions.

For Bloggers, it is about getting eyes on their content, affiliate product conversions and into their email lists. For eCommerce and subscription-based websites, it's about direct sale conversions. And getting a website visitor to convert has been the single missions for all website owners looking to monetize their efforts.

What is a Conversion Funnel?

It's the journey your website visitor takes to complete an action or convert. It is the process of creating awareness via onsite promotion of the offer to offsite search optimization and advertising to creating visitor interest in your offer to generating a desire in the visitor for your offer and finally, the action or conversion. You have a sale. You have a lead. And the goal for all website owners is more conversions.

Promoting your offer on your website is critical to improving your conversions. A well-optimized website for search should be receiving traffic to many web pages on your website. Capitalizing on this traffic and leading your web visitor to a conversion involves employing creating tools to create awareness and interest in your offer. Click Blaze is a WordPress marketing and conversion funnel plugin that allows WordPress website owners to use proven tools to create offer awareness. Click Blaze includes three popular onsite marketing tools used by many website owners looking to create awareness and improve conversions.

Click Blaze NoBounce

Click Blaze NoBounce is conversion tool using the power of a lightbox to create offer awareness and clicks on your offer landing page. Click Blaze NoBounce's lightbox is triggered when a website visitor attempts to leave the current page and at a set time that you set within the WordPress shortcode for NoBounce. It's a great tool for an exit offers on the current web page such as a discount or to get your visitor to sign up for an email list. It's also a great tool to funnel visitors to lead captures and promote sale opportunities throughout your website. See it in action.

Click Blaze Opt-In

Click Blaze Opt-In allows WordPress website owners to bring their conversion forms to any page on their website with greater visibility. And the great thing, you can still use your favorite form creation tool. Click Blaze Opt-In accepts both WordPress form plugin shortcodes or custom HTML produced forms within the Opt-In shortcode. This offers great flexibility for website owners to select the form application they prefer while appreciating the benefits of greater visibility and higher conversions for your lead capture. Click Blaze Opt-In is a great tool for website owners looking to build their lists. And as all great online marketers say, "The Money is in the List." See it in action.

Click Blaze Header Notification

Click Blaze Header Notification is a content strip that sits on the top of your website above the header. If you are looking to notify your website visitors to a current promotion, a discount offer, an upcoming event such as a webinar or conference, Click Blaze Header Notification bar is a great solution. With Click Blaze Header Notification, you have the ability to schedule the notification bar throughout your WordPress website, on the home page, on page types, on post types, or on single pages and posts. There is great flexibility in how you use Click Blaze Header Notification allowing website owners and marketers the ability to run multiple messages and page specific messaging. See it in action.

Converting website visitors is the biggest challenge all website owners, bloggers and online marketers face on a daily basis. Having marketing and conversion optimization tools in place is important to create awareness to your content, offer, or product. Click Blaze Marketing and Conversion Funnel plugin was produced to be a valuable resource for website owners, bloggers and online marketers in meeting the daily challenges of converting web traffic to revenue. Add Click Blaze WordPress plugin to your website today!

This post was written by Steven Soehl Tampa based web developer & designer, online marketer, and WordPress.


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