If you're a developer, you most likely have heard of or worked in the world of containers and Docker. If not, you should.

Docker is a container platform making it easy to deploy and run applications with all the needed components including libraries and dependencies. Docker is like virtual machines without requiring whole virtual operating systems allowing for a significant performance boost and application size reduction. And it is open source.

The core of Docker are containers, a lightweight, stand-alone, executable package of software and everything you need to run it: code, runtime, libraries, tools, and settings. This allows for separate environments such as development and staging.

For WordPress developers, Docker allows you to quickly spin up a development environment for theme design, custom coding, and testing while maintaining a staging environment independent of the development environment for client review before production.

To get started with Docker for your WordPress development, get Docker here

Below is a WordPress-NGINX-MySQL Docker Compose file to spin up the containers required for a WordPress development environment. The project also includes PHPMyAdmin. The complete project is located here

You'll need to install Docker Compose for your operating system. Docker Compose can be found here.

Docker Compose file is written in YAML. To spin up the container, open PowerShell, change directory location to your Docker Compose file. At the prompt type docker-compose up -d. The -d starts the containers in the background and leaves them running.

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