Adding similar posts from your WordPress blog on the current post is a great way to keep website visitors engaged with your content thus keeping that visitor on your website and if your content is informative you will gain momentum to become an influencer in your niche market. In addition, website retention leads to increased conversions and/or improved revenue form your advertisement monetization program.

Make certain you have Post categories setup and you are aligning your content accordingly so your website visitor will be displayed content that aligns with the post they are viewing.

The following snippet can be placed in your sidebar.php, functions.php or single.php file depending on where you would like your similar posts to be displayed or on how you organize your theme modifications, perhaps as a function within functions.php. For the example below, I placed the code within a single.php file so the similar posts would appear directly below the current post's content.

There you have it, you added similar posts to the current post creating the potential for greater engagement and improved time on your website.

This post was written by Steven Soehl Tampa based web developer & designer, online marketer, and WordPress.


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