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Cross-Channel Marketing Technology: A Pillar of the Overall B2C Ecosystem

Let’s just cut right to the chase. 

Cross-channel marketing technology is a pillar of the overall B2C ecosystem because it represents the execution engine of your marketing strategy. Even the most well thought-out marketing plans are bound to fail unless they are executed properly using the right technology. 

That sounds pretty cut and dry, right? Use the right technology and your chances of success are significantly increased. 

Then someone please explain this:

  • 70% of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy. (Altimeter)
  • Less than 1 in 4 marketers say they understand customer journeys and adapt the channel mix accordingly. (Econsultancy)
  • 89% of marketers admit they have challenges when it comes to creating a single view of the customer. (Experian)
  • 32% of consumers indicated that the biggest improvement retailers need to make is to provide an integrated shopping experience across channels. (Accenture)
  • 65% of US-based respondents currently shop across at least two channels, while 25% of global respondents and 21% of US respondents are using four or five channels to shop. (PwC) 

Rest assured there are more stats just like these to make the case for an integrated, cross-channel marketing experience. The fact is consumers use more than one channel. And very often they will start their path-to-purchase on one channel and complete it via another, perhaps stopping at yet another on the way. This crossing of channels, if you will, is why you need to have access to a full and overall view of your customer via integration across all channels. 

Singles Only

No, this is not about the latest dating site or the next chapter meeting of your local community association. This is all about the inherently important need for your organization to have a single customer identity that unites behaviors across all channels into one comprehensive profile.  

Today, certain technologies can link all the unique cross channel identifiers of a customer back to a single unique identifier. Once you have a single unique identifier, you can really know who your customers are across all channels, and begin to:

  • Personalize interactions based on channel preferences and behaviors.
  • Reach a more precise level of targeting and segmentation by using cross channel behavioral information in real time.
  • And most importantly, integrate cross channel communications and speak to each customer with a single voice regardless of channel.

Many marketing technology vendors can execute on some aspects of personalization. And some might even be able to help marketers target their customer better. But the ability to actually use personalization and targeting to integrate cross channel communications differentiates Modern Marketing solutions from other, less comprehensive alternatives.

Download The Guide to Building Your Marketing Technology Stack how and learn to build a solid foundation for your marketing technology stack to support your cross-channel marketing as well as content marketing, social media marketing and more. 

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What The Boss Can Teach Us About Marketing Automation

Friday Five time – 5 curated recent articles on one specific topic. This time around it’s Marketing Automation. 


When Bruce Springsteen sang, “I just want someone to talk to – and a little of that human touch” he wasn’t talking about marketing automation, but he might as well have been. Yes, really. Think about your marketing automation systems. They need a combination of human savvy and technological automation to be effective. In fact, if you’re not getting the ROI you hoped for, your marketing tech processes may need more of the human touch than they’re getting.

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Guarantee your marketing automation success with persona-based content

If you really tried to automate all of your marketing, the results would not be good. We have all seen examples of over-engineered, algorithm-based communications, and it always seems to have some element of whatever Hollywood “computers take over the world” scenario is most burned into your brain. Depending on your age, it could be the computer from “WarGames,” “Skynet,” or when the Cylons infiltrated the Colonial fleet. Marketing automation is not science fiction. It is really about adding technology to marketing in smart ways and automating processes that happen in the background, like collecting data or sending emails.

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How to Prepare Your Organization for Marketing Automation

For anyone working in B2B marketing, it’s hard to ignore the rapid ascendance of marketing automation over the past few years. If you take the time to dig below the undulating praise, however, you’ll see that the joys of marketing automation are not as clear-cut as you might first believe.

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Marketing Automation, What Can it Do for You?

Marketing Automation answers the question, “How do I best communicate with my database?”. Less sophisticated organizations take the approach of “Batch and Blast”, aka the “Shotgun” approach to marketing to their database. See if something sticks and continue messaging until there are Marketing Qualified Leads to send to Sales.

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Marketing Automation Defined in 60 Seconds

Ever find yourself in a conversation with your boss or a client and she mentions implementing marketing automation? Did you understand her request, or did the conversation grind to a halt because you’re not familiar with the term? If you fall into the second category, you’re not alone. Marketing automation is a hot topic these days, and its popularity has grown rapidly since 2013, but it can be tricky to define.

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Thousands of Modern Marketers have implemented marketing automation to target, engage, convert, and analyze using marketing technology. They’re delivering better leads, aligning marketing with sales, and generating a lot more revenue. Now you can too.

Download Marketing Automation Simplified to learn how. 

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