Add s2Member Custom Capability on Completed Woocommerce Order
If you are managing or looking to manage a WordPress backed website with eCommerce capabilities and user management, WooCommerce and s2Member are the perfect WordPress plugins to get the job done. Both plugins are popular solutions for WordPress website owners... Read more
Get First Image from WordPress Post
For those times when you are looking to display an image from a post other than the post's featured image. The function below will grab the first image displayed in the post's content. [crayon-5a61ce1e81f38353855008/] Simply call the function within your... Read more
WordPress Add Tags to Image Links
Programmatically add image tags to image links added to WordPress posts from the media library. Can be used to add custom styling or add a lightbox feature to all images added to posts without having to install a plugin. The... Read more
Learn to Create an Exit Offer with Colorbox to Improve Conversions
As you travel from website to website you have undoubtedly encountered an exit offer. You know, that point when you are ready to exit the web page and bam! a pop-up mysteriously appears displaying the offer of the day, a... Read more
WordPress Custom Menu
There are times when you might need to join a WordPress menu with menu items that are hard-coded in your template file. Below is a function that calls a WordPress menu slug placing its menu items in list elements. The... Read more
YouTube API Video Playback Controlled By Mouse Events
With the massive popularity of online video adding video to your website should be a major consideration when formulating content strategies. YouTube gives you a place to build your own channel of videos to share with the world and also... Read more
Use jQuery scrollTop To Animate A DIV
The jQuery scrollTop() method sets or returns the scrollbar's vertical position for selected elements. $(selector).scrollTop(50) - The example specifies the vertical scrollbar position at 50 pixels allowing you to perform actions on your selector when the vertical scrollbar reaches 50px... Read more
WordPress Query Currently Viewed Post Category
A great way to keep visitors on your website and increase page views is to present your website visitor with content that relates to the post they are viewing. Offering your website visitor content within the same WordPress category as... Read more
Simple Ways to Build Your Email List
"The money is in the list" uttered and proven by many online marketers and money makers to be true. Email marketing provides a direct avenue of communication for turning your website leads into revenue which is why it is favored... Read more
Custom WordPress Home Pages for S2Member Users
If you have a membership WordPress website and you are using the s2MemberĀ® plugin to manage your users and there access levels, the snippet below will allow you to setup custom home pages for your website users. If you are... Read more
JSON LD for On-Site SEO
What is JSON-LD and why should I use it for my Schema format? JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data) is used to encode linked data using JSON to define the concept of context to specify the vocabulary for properties... Read more
YouTube API and HTML Data Attribute to Build Custom Playlist
There are times when you need to build a custom playlist of assorted videos from YouTube's vast video library. This is when HTML data attributes come in handy allowing you to control video playback. Below is an example of different... Read more
Set WordPress Default Editor to Either Visual or Text
Out of the box, WordPress editor defaults to the visual editor allowing for a Word like tool to easily compose your pages and posts. For the advanced users that prefer adding html to their pages and posts, WordPress offers the... Read more
Toggle with Radio Buttons as Switches
Toggle your content with radio buttons styled as on/off switches. View demo here First the css [crayon-5a61ce1e83eaa311602513/] Add the radio button to your file [crayon-5a61ce1e83eb6099229294/] And the action [crayon-5a61ce1e83ebb832039036/] Read more
Implement Parallax Effect Using HTML and CSS on Your WordPress Website
The Parallax scrolling effect uses multiple elements where the background moves at a slower rate to the foreground element to create a 3D effect as you scroll the web page. There are many JQuery plugins available such as; Parallax.js, ScrollMagic,... Read more