Who is Steven Soehl?

He is a Tampa, Florida | New York based web designer, web developer & online marketer. Steve spend a good portion of his time designing/developing responsive and seo optimized websites using WordPress, ProcessWire, MODx, PHP Frameworks and Magento. He codes in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JQuery, and Javascript.

When he is not in development mode his love for digital marketing takes over. Steve enjoys assisting clients in social media marketing, Pay-per-Click campaign management, Content Marketing, and Search Optimization. Let's say Steve spends a good portion of his day online.

When Steve is offline, he enjoys spending time with my family and friends, weight training and it wouldn't seem like he is a web guy if he didn't drink coffee. Its not a myth, webbies drink coffee. There you have it. That's Steven Soehl - Web Designer, Web Developer, Online Marketer, Dad and Coffee drinker.

If you have a question, just fill out the form. What's my favorite beer? How many years have I been programming? How much coffee do I drink? All acceptable questions.. ask away. I look forward to hearing from you.