Two steps? But all the Online Marketing gurus say there are between 5 and 10 steps to online success. Now you are saying there are 2? That doesn't seem, right?

Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers and Website Owners are all searching for digital attention - visits - eyes on their messaging. We know the landscape is crowded with digital properties looking to create buzz and looking to the internet community to attached themselves to their buzz, go viral. It's a war for attention. And to win you need the endurance to run the race.

Another tick of the clock, another piece of digital content is created. This is the race, the ability to continually generate ideas that will create content for your brand. Not just content but, quality and targeted content aimed at maximizing the greatest return. Remember, it's not always the number of eyes but the quality of the eyes engaging your content. Know your brand, product and most importantly, know your target audience.

Producing content is one thing, producing content that impacts your target audience is another thing and the key to your online success. Delivering the correct type of content is the key to engagement. If you are promoting services or products aimed at engineers, producing a whitepaper focusing on a feature/benefit will result in better conversion then perhaps an infographic. Selling pictures, photos of your product on Instagram, Pinterest and other social sites will increase content engagement. The key is knowing customers positioning your brand with content with the greatest impact.

Succeeding in online marketing is an ongoing endeavor of creating content and understanding your target. If they shift their online behavior, you had better shift along with them or lose them. I won't take up any more of your time, you have content to create.

So here they are, the 2 Steps to Online Marketing Success

1) Create Quality Content

2) Deliver your Quality Content to the Correct Audience

This post was written by Steven Soehl Tampa based web developer & designer, online marketer, and WordPress.


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