I speak in the following code:

PHP, jQuery, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Frameworks I use:

WordPress, MODx, ProcessWire, Bootstrap, SLIM PHP, Laravel, Symfony, AngularJS to name a few

I design:

web graphics, landing pages, web banners, print material, billboards, video graphics and branding collateral

I use:

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects and Premiere

I can help with:

Pay-per-Click, Social Media, Marketing Automation, SEO, email marketing and contact management

I know:

Google AdWords, Social Networks, x2CRM, Mautic, Webmaster Tools to name a few.

How can I help? Just ask.


Blog & Assorted Stuff
Revive Adserver WordPress Plugin
Revive Adserver is an open source solution for website owners looking to traffic advertisements on their website. Revive is a full-featured ad server that allows you to manage campaigns, setup campaigns from ad networks such as Google AdSense, manage multiple... Read more
Remove WordPress Editor
The function below removes the WordPress post editor from posts, pages and custom post types. Simply add the code to your functions.php or plugin. [crayon-58824e2e2d62d858946914/] Remember to switch out the {POST_TYPE} for your custom post type or page or post. Read more
Adding Checkbox Values with JQuery
The code snippet below will allow you to take form checkbox values, add them and display its sum. [crayon-58824e2e2ef31456796259/] Read more
Processwire Create Page with FormHelper
When I need a little time away from WordPress, Processwire has become my new go-to. Processwire is a great CMS if you are looking for rapid development with a powerful api and straight-forward templating. It's a coders dream CMS. Recently... Read more